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Citizen service center


Citizen Service Center

The CSC was established by a presidential decree issued in 2021 as a response to the enduring complaints by the public about the poor public services and mismanagement acts that had piled up over the previous decades. CSC is a fine tool to deliver citizens’ complaints to their government and to hold the officials accountable whenever they abuse their authority.  

Project Journey 


 The planning phase was initiated in the very early days of GNU, where it extended for about 4 months. It included plotting the implementation plan and defining the potential risks, as well as defining the needed resources for the project.    

Inspecting Similar examples

 We’ve started the research process by inspecting similar examples and extracting most of the values needed in order to construct a responsive, top-notch platform. Most of the similar examples were selected based on the regional aspect. For example, we examined the Jordanian CSC as well as the CSCs of Bahrain and Morocco.

Localizing Experiences

Once we’ve completed the inspection process, we begin to incorporate what we have deduced into the CSC Platform. As a result of these efforts, we’ve successfully completed plotting the entire workflow and the practice guidelines of CSC, along with other relevant processes.

Recruitment and capacity building

 We’ve adopted a high standard recruitment policy, which is focused on interpersonal skills, especially communication skills, and how to handle citizens gently.

It took more than 80 hours of professional training to train more than 40 agents in phase one of recruitment. All of the trainees were evaluated and well examined through both theoretical and practical tests.

"The primary goal of establishing the CSC is to remove cronyism and barriers that separate citizens from their government. This center will be the window and the tool for the citizen to deliver his complaint without being forced to use crony and without making an effort to open the door that separates him from the officials. After today, there will be no more doors between us. "

Prime Minister of GNU

Government delegates

The CSC has more than 20 ministries delegates.


More than 70 agents where trained and qualified  to work in CSC


CSC has received more than 100000 requests, varied between complaints and inquiries

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Government Delegates
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Training Hour
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Promoting openness and communication

Boosting communication between citizens and their government. By facilitating the communications and cutting short the long bureaucrat paths


Making the public's voice heard

Assuring that citizens’ voices are heard by providing multi communication channels between citizens and government officials and simplifying the entire communication process.


Building trust in public services

In CSC we believe that good interaction between citizens and the government officials will reflect positively on the public services and will help define the pain points within. Thus the government will know where to step in and fix the flaws.

Citizen Service Center


Our vision is to make the government more effective and responsive to its citizens by unblocking barriers that stand between the citizens and their government agencies, which is accomplished by spotting the light on the issues and problems that hinder public interests, increasing transparency, and emphasizing truth.  

مركز خدمة المواطن

Dear Citizen you can submit your request / complain by pressing the showing button

there are no walls standing between you and your government