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مركــــز خدمـــــة المواطـــــن

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رئيس حكومة الوحدة الوطنية خلال افتتاح مركز خدمة المواطن
Citizen Service Center

Your Government is on Your Side

CSC” was launched in order to give the public the right tool to convey their complaints and that of which by following clear guidelines that simplify the whole process and by yielding a state of the art solutions to serve the purpose. CSC is being operated by professional personnel under PM bureau supervision.

“The main goal behind establishing the CSC is to eliminate crony and barriers that separate the citizen from his government. This center will be the window and the tool for the citizen to deliver his compliant without being forced to use crony and without doing effort to open the door that separates him from the officials, after today there will be no more doors between us”

- Prime Minister of GNU

The Opening Day

over 4000 requests were received on the first day of work

October 12th, 2021, was the first working day in the CSC. We received over 4,000 requests. Thirty agents were ready and steady to receive and promptly respond to the requests and complaints. We have received a wide range of requests and complaints. Most of them were related to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health. The other tickets were distributed among the rest of the ministries.

افتتاح مركز خدمة المواطن
افتتاح مركز خدمة المواطن
افتتاح مركز خدمة المواطن
رئيس حكومة الوحدة الوطنية خلال افتتاح مركز خدمة المواطن

your government is on your side



Promoting and embracing transparency.


Fostering citizen-government trust


When dealing with citizens, honesty comes first.


Ease the connection between citizens and the government.

Citizen Service Center


Receiving request

Citizens can submit their requests via Facebook and the agent will verify the required info, such as the ID of the requester and the request type and category. Once the request is verified, the requester will receive a ticket number in order to use it to check on the status of the ticket.

Examining the request

Once the agent is done with verifying the ticket, he will refer it directly to the delegate concerned. Which he will begin by reviewing the request and responding with clarification or referral.

Replying to the request

The agent will promptly reply to the citizen once the answer is received from the delegate concerned. After fulfilling the request, the agent will close the ticket.

Citizen Service Center

Dear Citizen you can submit your request / complain by pressing the showing button

There are no walls standing between you and your government