Ministry of Social Affairs

The state of libya
The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for implementing the programs and the provision of social, rehabilitative services to improve the physical, social, emotional, and economic well-being of disadvantaged groups.


Wafa Abubaker Alkilani

Deputy Minister

Hatem Zabill

Affiliated Entities

Social Security Fund.
General Authority for the Social Solidarity Fund.
Marriage Support Fund.
Social Studies Center.
Rehabilitation Center of Disabled Persons-Benghazi.
Rehabilitation Center of Disabled Persons-Janzur.
Rehabilitation Center of Disabled Persons-Alsawaani.
Physiotherapy Center- Jalu.
Social Care Center – Al-Zintan.
Child’s Creative Development Center.
Disability Research Center.
Family Social and Economic Empowerment Centers.
Psychosocial Researches and Empowerment Centers.
Al-Wafa Social Care Home.
Social Care Coplexies ( AL Marig- Tobrouk – Saloug- Al-rojban- Tobka- Bark – Morzok).
Higher Committee for Child Care.
National Committee for ElderCare.
National Committee for Handicapped Care.
AL Bara’am Orphanage.
Minister’s Regional Offices.

Adminstrations and Offices

Administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs.
Human Resource Department.
Administration of Family and Woman Affairs.
Administration of Special Needs & Elderlies.
Administration of Project Management.
Administration of Branches Affairs.
Minister’s Office.
Experts’ Office.
Legal Affairs Office.
Planning and Studies Office.
Internal auditing office.
Technical Collaboration Office.
Media Office.
Women Empowerment Office.
IT Office.
Humanitarian Affairs and Aids Office.
Monitoring & Inspection Office.
Deputies Affairs’ Office.

Tripoli, Libya

Citizen Service Center

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