Ministry of Environment

The state of libya
The Ministry of Environment is responsible for executing government policies and its vision regarding environmental aspects. Where the ministry’s role lies upon providing a set of regulations and acts that embraces environmental protection and protect environmental heritage from violations.


Ibrahim ALaraby Munier

Deputy Minister

Ehnin Almaeawi

Affiliated Entities

National Committees regarding the implementation of international climate and environment agreements.
Environment Protection Trust.

Adminstrations and Offices

Administrationof Financial and Administrative affairs.
Administrationof Human Resource Development.
Environmental investments and project Department.
Administration of Planning and Studies.
Environmental Inspection Department.
Administration of Laboratories.
Administration of Environmental Prevention and Health.
Administration of Environment.
Administration of Environmental Assessment and Permissions.
Administration of Waste Policies and Management.
Administration of GIS.
Administration of Sustainable Development and Climate Change.
Administration of Environmental Media and Awareness.
Environmental Emergency office.
Minister’s Office.
Deputy Affairs Office.
International Cooperation Office.

Janzur, Tripoli

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