Ministry of Finance

The state of libya
The Ministry of Finance is responsible for executing government fiscal policies, such as running a state’s budgetary programs and overseeing the state’s expenditures.


khaled Almabrouk Abdulallah

Affiliated Entities

Libyan customs authority.
Tax Authority.
Liquidation Fund of the Dissolved Companies and Agencies.
Saving and Real Estate Investment Bank.
Rural Bank.
Department of Intel and Documentation.
National Investment Company.
Financial Services Monitors.

Adminstrations and Offices

Administration of Financial Resources.
Administration of Budgetary.
Administration of Treasury.
Administration of Monitoring.
Administration of Accounts Management.
Administration of Finance Monitors.
Administration of International Cooperation and Finance Institutions.
Administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs.
Legal Affairs Office.
Internal Auditing Office.
Myrtles Affairs Office.
Military Affairs Office.

Tripoli, Libya

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