Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And International Collaboration

The state of libya
The ministry of foreign affairs and international collaboration has the role of representing the state of Libya in the countries and international forms and institutions. In addition, it’s responsible for implementing the state’s foreign policy.


Najla Mohammed Almangosh

Affiliated Entities

Boarders Committee.
General Commission of Libyan-Sudanese Relations.
Diplomatic Institute.

Adminstrations and Offices

Administration of Arabian Affairs.
Administration of African affairs.
Administration of Islamic affairs.
Department European Affairs.
Department South and North America affairs.
Administration of Australian and Asian Affairs.
Administration of International Cooperation.
Administration of International organization.
Administration of NGO’s.
Administration of Consular Affairs.
Administration of Legal affairs.
Administration of Expatriates Affairs.
Administration of Finance and Administrative Affairs.
Administration of Protocols.
Minister’s office.
Deputy Minister’s Office.
Consultants office.
Political and strategic planning Office.
Inspection and monitoring office.
Private Mail Office.
Media Office.
IT Office.
Coordination office.
Internal Auditing office.
Military Affairs Office.
Translation’s Office.
Technical Projects Office.

Zawiyat Al Dahmani, Tripoli

Citizen Service Center

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